Amy Rose, also known just, Amy is one of SonicWhacker55's main characters and a reuccuring character and the tetertagonist of SonicWhacker55. She is a pink female hedgehog who is most obsessed with Sonic. She is good friends with Cream and also Tails, who is her best friend and is go-getter who everyday looks forward to marrying Sonic, who completely has no interest in her.




Amy is a very needy person, she is a go-getter and seems to be always om the hunt for her proclaimed boyfriend, Sonic. She is very nosy and seems to get in the way of a lot of things, but at the sane time, She has a nimble heart on the inside and has shown to truly care for her friends, but not always all the time Sonic. Amy nevers seems to give Sonic rests, which is why Sonic is always on the move from her all the time. Amy never seems to give up, and seems possibly to gossip with her best friend Cream.




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