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Miles Tails Prower

Appearance Edit

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Character RelationshipsEdit

Sonic the Hedgehog and penny penguin Edit

Sonic is Tails' fussy friend but understood best friend and caretaker, Whenever Tails wins and Sonic doesn't, Sonic always says Shut Up, Tails. This occurred in "Sonic and Tails Go To The Park 2" and Sonic and Friends Go To Blackpool: Arrived to Blackpool/The Hotel - (6/13). But of course, Sonic loves Tails no matter what he does, but sometimes Sonic knows when Tails pushes him to his limit and has no choice but to treat Tails with discipline at times shown in Tails' Tantrum! Sonic seems to always be annoyed with Tails often, sometimes the two even argue over things. Sonic seems to very serious about Tails toying with his beyeylongings as well, and Sonic doesn't seem to like sharing. There are times Tails fights for Sonic more then any one else. Like in the hospital. How he yelled at the doctors for operating Sonic wrong and his appearance. He threw Dr. Anais cause he was angry.

Amy Rose and petty Edit

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Cream and noddyEdit

Cream is pororo best friend doraemon buddy cream sonic mass at st teresa 8 26 am

Shadow and robotgirlEdit

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Knuckles the Echidna and my melodyEdit

Knuckles is also one of Tails' enemies, as he is a bully, Knuckles frightens Tails and tortures him. In Sonic the Hedgehog - The Secret! 3 hours later at night, Tails sneaks to Knuckles while he was sleeping, and he knows all of Knuckles' secrets as his little revenge for Knuckles always bullying Tails. Knuckles sees Tails, as a stupid kid and disgrace because he is friends with Sonic and has two tail abnormalities. In some parts in the series, Knuckles did try to kill Tails, also by putting light bulbs turning to heat in his face and trying to torture him every way. Knuckles also sometimes is even with Tails sometimes when with Sonic, but Knuckles just is rude sometimes. Shown in the Charlie Charlie challenge, Sonic wakes up hearing Tails' scream, which wakes up Knuckles, who seems to not really care what Tails does or what happens to him. But Knuckles pettingly got mad at him and tried to kill him when Tails ate his sandwich. But Tails didn't know that it was Knuckles' in Tails' Mistake.


AWeakness Edit

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Trivia Edit

  • Tails' full and real name is Miles Prower, The name Miles Prower is the fast pun on "miles per hour" based on speed.
  • Tails is a male 8 year old fox. Some claim he is a girl, he is not.
  • Tails is a sugerholic however.
  • Tails is claimed the cousin of Knuckles.
  • In the series, Sonic barely relies on Tails.
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  • Sonic wants a ice cream today
  • Tikal friend of knuckles for a date
  • King poby when tails deep trouble
  • Sonic with aiai for a afternoon off


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