Knuckles the Echidna is one of SonicWhacker55's main characters and the tritagonist of SonicWhacker55. He is mean, disrespectful to his friends, and loves to torture and antagonize Tails. He is same as Shadow and hates Tails. Tails is the one that is always getting bullied all the time. They get into many fights, they are still rivals. They actually did a fight to see who would win, if Tails win, Knuckles has to stop bullying Tails and if Knuckles wins, Tails would leave the house in Tails vs. Knuckles. But is also friends with Tails and Sonic, who is also a rival.

He serves as an antagonist in some torture videos.


Knuckles has red fur, black eyes, and red and yellow shoes. He also has a big, black nose. He wears white gloves.


He is greedy, selfish, and a bully, basically the opposite of Sonic and Tails. He is not nice and gets into bad situations. He is friends with Shadow and sometimes with Sonic. He is shown to retaliate plus, push a person's buttons. Knuckles is very immature sometimes, when Tails accidentally eats his sandwich, Knuckles made.



Sonic doesn't like Knuckles behavior and is always tired of Tails and Knuckles getting into a fight. Knuckles and Sonic are sometimes friends, but Knuckles considers Sonic more of a full fetched looser, and times, Knuckles never seems to every stop being a narcissist, Sonic often gets fully sick of this, but retaliates by turning into Super Sonic, shown in Amy's Date. Knuckles was also being stuffed in a cylinder object by Sonic angrily and have been in several fights with him. Sonic backfires Knuckles back for the crap but still is his friend.


Tails is considered Knuckles' nemesis in SonicWhacker55. He is often unbelievably jealous of Sonic and Knuckles being friends, although is tired of getting bullied and tortured even antagonized at all levels, by Knuckles but to no avail.


In SW55, Shadow is considered Knuckles' best friend, who often messes around Tails from Tails' Mistake 2 so they collaborate with each other.


Amy thinks Knuckles is helpful because he helped Amy find Sonic in Sonic the Hedgehog - Amy Rose, They don't really have anything in common.


Cream, thinks Knuckles is a meanie to Tails and the same thing like Amy, they have nothing in common.

Bugs BunnyEdit

Bugs Bunny hates Knuckles from that time of when Knuckles ate Bugs Bunny's carrot from Sonic the Hedgehog and Looney Tunes.


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