sonic he to take noddy for car park to check what time is it he going for a pray at the sacred heart cathedral mass at 11 37 am in the morning he saw amy playing with robotgirl for fun let's see knuckles aways like bully tails he say stop bully me but my melody return to sega sonic whacker 55 special from season 2 episode 11 this episode of my melody in sonic whacker 55 video she hates bugs bunny she hates so much and mario comes is my melody retrun after the next church for birthday mass at st jude special at 4 57 pm this time amy she going this church birthday mass from st jude was born is speacilly the dream of god sister birthday when knuckles is taking care of babies
Miles Tails Prower
the king is born of sega of the world all the churches is stop sonic fighting is friends sometime aways annoying and stop angry about tails he just only kid god never took him ice cream is having to share for sibu friends sonic is trying to help jing wen life for having a nightmare from 1933 years and 1999 years is about king in sibu but the heavy rain all water float in this house amen
Amy Rose
sonic is a kid from a sibu with new friends with the best is sister is huahua a big brother is tan jing wen and is girlfriend is kai lan
Knuckles The Echidna
tails he like sister twinkle is a first time in sonic whacker 55 for helping for the special the return of ni hao kai lan season 1 episode 21 and episode 22 tails tantrum for fight over the ice cream for a sonic won buy for him but he girlfriend is tessie bear is frist time for the special for a the best of tails next episode is 23 and 24 tails girlfriend tessie bear part 1 and 2 special is a team of tails and twinkle and sonic is sad tails is living
amy best friend petty she is a sister of amy is fun her sister she likes it and tails going a heaven for funeral mass at st tomas chruch she cry and tails ends up he die on 2000 and he become a creepy doll the tails doll curse and twinkle is sad she miss tails so much and knuckles say tails he gone i can belive that for a the end of tails he never come back at the next church from another funeral mass for tails at sacred heart cathedarl and return home for tails is already in heaven now he with god now amy is bad girl on sonic whacker 55 last christmas is the return of tails is last episode on season 2 episode 28th for special whens amy open the gift is a tails he say i back at the christmas
knuckles the bully man for fight over a ice cream and say give me that he say i love to eat chcolate ice cream so much he the bully in class he fight for a taking care about iy he say i am a king in sibu ja ja ya he's on sonic whacker 55 he the the school bully for pranks for a friends and my melody here to beat knuckles he say ouch what are you doing sis stop she say you must say sorry for your friends ok he say i sorry i the one making eveybody angry plaese i never do it again workshop friends say ok then us not good boy
shadow likes maria she likes iwth maria for a fun today ofr ride

the king of shadow with the mystery bus my football my day of cream the rabbit on first king gagagagaga ga when cream say this is my birthday for my friends for lucking me and best friend kc she love cream from disney junior tots she like saw much for a play with kc for sonic riders game play match for challnge for a race and robotgirl show out cream is just play with kc she say can you play story mode she say ok we need six characters amy robotboy cream noddy rouge and pororo to fhisnh a race at tune the world grand pirx 5 levels with masaru sonic chloe jackie chan and is penny and done play the last one at metal city with chris redfled she love it after the return of robotgirl she has broken memory chip she starts crying ran out a oil silver say don't cry she stop crying and minnie say is was poroboy fulrt sonic is rescue for robotgirl and save the world and destroy the factroy after sonic exe 3am challnge gone wrong scary robotgirl is scared about sonic exe and she say ahhhh and shadow shooting gun bang bang bang bang and bang and say no one are you sure the evil sonic exe come from the last prayer and say i am god i am god i am god and jumping around scraed trying destory the lock and blast and jackie chan here do stop sonic exe use the spray he eyes hurts and back home and say never scared someone again Edit

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