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Sonic E.X.E.-0


Pororo wants a chips from minnie jing wen is going out with sofia for a junkyard to throw the statue awqy but jospeh he saw heavey rain 1 49 pm to close the window and then hello kitty arrve she say jospeh is time for to play a leafrogs at 2 30 pm and 2 54,pm jenn is going for car ride

Hello kitty to play with jospeh leafrogs after 3 17 pm tails play outside football with pororo he wants good friend with pororo after raining heavey when lights off and on sofia worry about jing wen he get wet and sick she say i must protect jjng wen with me knuckles is angry about tails start bully but sofia is very upset and hit knuckles head he say ouch what,s that for petty and jet go out for eat wind after 4 30 and 4 50,pm nini is happy my best time with you tails church start 5 30 pm at sacred heart tails say ok at 6 49 pm and 7 15 pm sonic his having with rouge acarde to play some games after a dinner night out jing wen and amy for a eat first after 7 40,pm and 7 57 pm sofia is going to sleep after 12 17 am and 12 31,pm tails his play one piece pirtes carnival but is too loud and wake butterbean she say you banana sprit don,t play in the very ealry ok tails say ok

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5.Sliver|He is a bit Coo Coo but he is cool (no more info) 6.Cream|She Loves Tails and Candy and Amy He Hate Knuckles, Veggies, and Shadow!


1.Mario|Mario's Awsome...But isn't really Reece's big fan of all time....Sonic thinks he is So Fat, Family is Luigi He Loves Peach!2.Luigi|He loves Daisy so much! he is scared of Ghosts and Boos and King Boo! 3.Peach:She Loves Mario and She is the Princess 4.Yoshi Yoshi is Mario pal Did you know that He is the dad of Baby Mario!5.Toad. Toad is Very cool he is also Mario's Pal! He Guards Peach.6.Bowser.He is the bad guy!He hates Mario and His Friends And Luigi He Loves Peach!7.Bowser Jr:He is Bowser's Son!He thinks Peach is his mom.8.Koopa.He is Bowser most trusted Bodyguard.Loony Tunes now 1.Bugs Bunny he needs to go to a doctor because he is always saying dumb words like "Hey Doc"Daffy Duck he is mean,sarscastic,and dull.3.Syvester likes to eat birds Daffy always tells him to eat KFC but never listen. Others:1.Modern Sonic:He is Classic Sonic's Cousin 2:Mickey Mouse:He had a date with Minnie Mouse but missed it just because Sonic and Sonic's friends wanted him to stay.3.Dr Eggman:??????????? 4.Clone Sonic:He was Sonic's Clone buddy but He Betrayed Sonic!5:Sonic.exe: He is a demon version of sonic who victims are Sally,Amy,Cream,Tails,Eggman,Sonic,and Knuckles. However play his game and you! yes YOU you will die in gruesome ways and will drag you to hell and make you like him.