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  • @SonicWhacker55 Hello, this is Mallerie7. How are you doing, today? Can you do The Miles "Tails" Prower Show for me, please?


    And now your hosts... here Miles "Tails" Prower!

    Tails: "Hiya, everybody! My name's Miles Prower, and everyone calls me "Tails"! It's good to see you".

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  • Make Sonic the Hedgehog - The Missing Chillidog.

    So, Tails makes Sonic a chillidog for Sonic and goes in Sonic's room where Sonic is busy playing Super Smash Bros and tells him:

    "Sonic, I made a chillidog for you in the kitchen."

    Sonic replies:

    "A chillidog!" *Sonic drops his Switch Controller and goes crazy, shouting:

    "Tails! A CHILLIDOG! Where is it?"

    Tails points out of the door, which had been left open and tells him it was in the kitchen.

    Sonic goes in the kitchen with Tails and sees an empty plate.

    "TAILS! THERE IS NO CHILLIDOG! NO! IT'S GONE!" as he goes crazy.

    "Sonic, chill out."

    "How can I when my favorite food goes missing!"

    "You do have a point."

    • Tails walks out of the room*
    • 2 Minutes*
    • Sonic goes to see Tails*

    "Tails, what are you doing?"

    "Oh, I'm calling Shadow and Silver."

    "And why would you do that?"

    "I was thinking maybe we could call them to find your lost chillidog. They are very great detectives," Tails says.

    • Shadow and Siver come*

    "Hey guys. Where is this missing chillidog. then?" Shadow asks.

    "It's missing, stupid Shadow," Tails says.

    • Shadow and Silver check everywhere, everywhere except Sonic's room*
    • They enter Sonic's room*
    • They see Knuckles playing Sonic Mania*
    • We see a clip of Sonic's clone, returning, having the chillidog in his hands and chuckling*
    • Tails sees the clone and shouts:*

    "Sonic! Your stupid clone has your chillidog. Here, when you fight to get it wear this star sticker so we know you are the real Sonic"

    "Ok, Tails," Sonic says as he battles with his clone.

    • He defeats his clone and gets the chillidog*

    "So, faker, you came back for revenge, huh? Silver, Shadow!"

    • It shows with Silver and Shadow beating the clone up*
      *The scene goes back to Sonic and Tails*
      Sonic: Wait, I sold your phone to get a family TV last time, how'd you get it back?

    Tails: Well, I sold the family TV to buy this new phone.



    Edit: Wow, I write a lot! :)

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  • Can I be an admin, please? Congracts for 140K+ subscribers on your main channel!

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  • Hello when is Volume 7 of the Collab coming out?

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