Reece Nana Kwama Quansah (born: September 05 2005 [Age: 15]), better known online as SonicWhacker55, is a Ghanian-British YouTuber best known for making plush videos. He uses plushies from the Sonic series and has some other toys as well. He also does reviews, updates, etc. He started making videos on his old channel called "Reece N.K Quansah Cartoons" in which he used to have in 2014 but eventually it got terminated due to several strikes. 

Biography Edit

Reece was born on September 5, 2005. He's a fan of Sonic, Looney Tunes, Mario and etc.

During his childhood as a baby, he watched cartoons like Looney Tunes and enjoyed it.

At the age of seven, He was introduced to Sonic ever since he played Sonic Dash on his mother's phone, and he's a big fan of Sonic ever since.

Members of the Family Edit

  • Two cousins of Reece
  • Three younger brothers of Reece
  • Kwame Quansah - The father of Reece
  • Nana Quansah - The mother of Reece until divorce.
  • A stepmother - The stepmother of Reece.
  • Evie from Hungary - The grandma of Reece
  • Shani Quansah - The auntie of Reece.
  • Thomas Quansah The uncle of Reece.
  • Reece N.K Quansah- The son of Kwame and Nana.


UNKNOWN stepmotherEdit

She is a stepmother of Reece. She always helps out in some videos and loves him ever since. Her face was accidently revealed in Sonic and Friends Go To Blackpool: Stratford Train Station


Kwame QuansahEdit

Kwame Quansah is a father of Reece. It is unknown what happened to him.

Like and DislikesEdit


  • Making videos
  • His family (especially his mother) and friends
  • Sega
  • Sonic the Hedgehog (franchise)
  • Toys and Plushies
  • Nintendo
  • Video Games


  • Getting critisized/exposed on the internet.
  • His haters

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