Shadow the Hedgehog for my halloween treat of treat party shadow set the ghost sound and steal the cqndys from the kids nobody can have candy is all mine is one steal kids halloween ruined by shadow


The halloween in sibu for a halloween fun nice he like blood in the creepy making petty mad and say what the monk the floor for den car his back he say don tailk about trash about me i want for your dead of my power got it petty say sure


Sonic and kai lan monkey around in sibu com pig retrun to me for my mos at st king church for me if you don foe it dent floor you want it huhEdit

Tails and robotgirlEdit

He likes to play with robotgirl for my playdate when knuckles bah me around like freaking masaten

Knuckles and jing wenEdit

When amy taking to long waliting the bus station after jing wen coming with knuckles for a eat wind

Trivia Edit

  • Huahua a kid in sibu 1959 to 2004
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