Shadow the Hedgehog is one of the main characters and also sometimes serves as one of the antagonists of SonicWhacker55. Shadow is Knuckles' best friend and Sonic's identical arch rival, Knuckles and Shadow both collaborate in the video Tails' Mistake 2.


He is very creepy and mean. Shadow is the collaborative bro between him and Knuckles. He hates Sonic, especially Tails. Shadow is very dry and sarcastic person, he seems to not really care about a lot of things but there are times where he truly is humble, but not always. Shadow seems to anti-social as well, but he seems to interact with Knuckles more than any body else in the videos. But he seems very concerned and sometimes inside a coward, sometimes like Sonic or Knuckles, depending. When Sonic and his friends began trying to play the Charlie Charlie Challenge Pencil game, Shadow warned them the game was cursed and that shouldn't play it, But Sonic claims the game itself just responded to roasting questions by the friends. Tails also claims Charlie is alive and hears what they are saying and doing.



In SW55, Sonic doesn't like Shadow from the way that Shadow has been torturing Sonic by blackmailing him. Sonic and Shadow has nothing in common, especially Tails. In Jenga, they are former rivals and Sonic loves challenging Shadow, who both they call eachother faker all the time, since they are identical in some way.


In SW55, Tails and Shadow doesn't have anything in common because in Tails' Mistake 2. Shadow and Knuckles has been torturing poor Tails. Though Tails sometimes tries to be even with Shadow, Shadow however though is so dry in personality, he agrees with Knuckles instead of anything else.


Knuckles is best friends with Shadow because they both have everything in common when it comes to hurting Tails, they have perfect plans that works. Their relationship has improved since then, and now they are fairly good friends.

Trivia Edit

  • Shadow is a coward sometimes.
  • Shadow and Knuckles do not torture Tails in every video.


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