Sonic and lala for a eat wind at 10 34 am tails he go out with shinka for a walk

Disneyland fun

At disney in sibu today fun and new games to play

</p>Ice skating cream likes ice skating for a show all pepple to watch amy do ice skating too she jump but hurt is leg</p>

At the hosptial

Doc mcstuffins see amy,s leg she say amy you hurt yourself what happen she say i want ice skating doc mcstuffins say no you can your hurt leg ok amy say ok</p>

At the fun park

Tails play a one piece pinball and shadow play a gun shooting


Minnie saw a jing wen make a nails with friends raggedy ann dr eggman jospeh noddy cream and kc a work today she likes make a naill rouge work nails too </p>

After a funeral r i p penny

Sonic is sad my friend penny is gone she already die and send to the heaven amy crying my best friends die and he send the glass the funeral mass at 6 38 pm tails saw penny deathbed she no longer in top wings again last episode dead of penny she say i sorry is time for pray at home and penny close is eyesand die sonic and friends crying goodbye forever penny she die in bed and the ring shuffle pieces r i p penny penguin</p> </p>

At funeral mass from the church

Penny funeral afther the song ave maria song

Cemmtriy in sibu

At 1 19 am pray for penny good life at the heaven the end

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