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Sonic the Hedgehog is a 15 year old hedgehog and the main protagonist of the SonicWhacker55 channel videos. He is the channel and SEGA´s obvious mascot and the fan version of Sonic from the video games, He lives in a house with Tails, Knuckles and the others.


Sonic unlike his game counterpart, is always on to something, he mentions most about his speed, but he doesn't always use it to save his friends. He tries to stay laid back, unlike on the games, he can loose his temper. He beat up Tails and Knuckles once for messing with him when tried to get a minute to himself. Or when Tails broke Sonic's Nintendo Switch, Sonic beat up Knuckles who Tails blamed. Mostly Sonic is the one weaker then him. But Sonic can reach a maximum level of anger. Amy, Silver, Shadow and Knuckles can be scary towards him. But he tries not to interfere with much, but can say things out loud during merch videos. He especially isn't I'm love with any body and of course doesn't always do favors. He is described as "fickle" person.

He serves as an antagonist in some torture videos.


Sonic is a anthropomorphic classic blue hedgehog has Blue fur, black eyes, and red and yellow shoes. He also has a big, black nose. He wears white gloves.


He is greedy, selfish, and a bully, basically the opposite of Sonic and Tails. He is not nice and gets into bad situations. He is friends with Shadow and sometimes with Sonic. He is shown to retaliate plus, push a person's buttons. Knuckles is very immature sometimes, when Tails accidentally eats his sandwich, Knuckles made.



Sonic doesn't like Knuckles behavior and is always tired of Tails and Knuckles getting into a fight. Knuckles and Sonic are sometimes friends, but Knuckles considers Sonic more of a full fetched looser, and times, Knuckles never seems to every stop being a narcissist, Sonic often gets fully sick of this, but retaliates by turning into Super Sonic, shown in Amy's Date. Knuckles was also being stuffed in a cylinder object by Sonic angrily and have been in several fights with him. Sonic backfires Knuckles back for the crap but still is his friend.


Sonic is Tails' fussy friend but understood best friend and caretaker, Whenever Tails wins and Sonic doesn't, Sonic always says Shut Up, Tails. This occurred in "Sonic and Tails Go To The Park 2" and Sonic and Friends Go To Blackpool: Arrived to Blackpool/The Hotel - (6/13). But of course, Sonic loves Tails no matter what he does, but sometimes Sonic knows when Tails pushes him to his limit and has no choice but to treat Tails with discipline at times shown in Tails' Tantrum! Sonic seems to always be annoyed with Tails often, sometimes the two even argue over things. Sonic seems to very serious about Tails toying with his belongings as well, and Sonic doesn't seem to like sharing.


In SW55, Sonic doesn't like Shadow from the way that Shadow has been torturing Sonic by blackmailing him. Sonic and Shadow has nothing in common, especially Tails. In Jenga, they are former rivals and Sonic loves challenging Shadow, who both they call eachother faker all the time, since they are identical in some way.


Amy thinks Knuckles is helpful because he helped Amy find Sonic in Sonic the Hedgehog - Amy Rose, They don't really have anything in common.


Cream, thinks Knuckles is a meanie to Tails and the same thing like Amy, they have nothing in common.

Bugs Bunny

Bugs Bunny hates Knuckles from that time of when Knuckles ate Bugs Bunny's carrot from Sonic the Hedgehog and Looney Tunes.


  • Sonic isn't a hugger.
  • Sonic is shown to throw Tails out the window in Sonic's Nap.