SonicWhacker55's Birthday-0

SonicWhacker55's Birthday-0

Ghpart 973

My birthday is on September 5th! Just a little video of my character (SonicWhacker55) eating a chocolate cake until then he accidently ate FIRE!!! Fire + Burp=Super burp. :P This was just a special occasion. It required about 19 pictures. The pictures were made with MS Paint. Hope you enjoy my first video of the 1st Anniversary of SonicWhacker55. SonicWhacker55 was voiced by me. The song played was "Happy Birthday" by Arrogant Worms. I know, I used it yesterday in my other birthday video. I just really like the song and sing it to friends on their birthdays. XD

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  • Previous Episode: SonicWhacker55 - Birthday Video, Anniversary and More [BLOOPERS, OUTTAKES AND DELETED SCENES]
  • Next Episode: What I Got My Birthday - 2016

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  • Previous Episode: What I Got My Birthday - 2016
  • Next Episode: Sonic the Hedgehog - Tails' Sickness!


In this animated episode, the creator of SonicWhacker55 eats some yummy chocolate cake but he accidently ate the candle with the chocolate cake and he found it surprisingly awesome.



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